Emergency mask for poisonous gas, biological attacks, smoke and fire, and radioactive materials.

Air-Aid Mask Product Info

The Air-Aid Mask was designed by a Professional Chemical Engineer who has worked for the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the U.S. Government as an expert in biological and chemical warfare. It uses proven technology with both bacterial and activated carbon filter stages.

In the case of a biological or poisonous gas attack, the Air-Aid Mask can provide the first line of defense for those of us who don't happen to have a respirator or SCBA airpack immediately available. The Air-Aid Mask can provide a stopgap measure to give you the extra time to exit the contaminated area. It is small and flexible enough to carry in a woman's purse, fit in a man's inside suit pocket, or to store in an office desk, car glove compartment, or any handy location. Shipped in a 4" x 8" x approximately 1/8" thick. Storage shelf-life is indefinite if left in sealed package. Emergency responders (police, firemen, EMT's, etc) should have one or more of these as a minimum defense against airborne agents. Every office, school, day-care center, hospital, or other institution needs a supply of these for their employees, students, customers, or patients. Purchase at least a ten pack to have one or more in your car, home, and office for yourself and your family. One size fits all.

Laboratory tests measuring chemical or biological agent per liter of air has proven the Air-Aid Masks 95% effective in filtering out these agents. 95% efficiency means that about 5% or less, depending on the antagonist, may get through the mask. This level of protection will allow the user time to flee the emergency situation. Tests of the Air-Aid Masks have been conducted by law enforcement, fire, and field medical personnel; in addition to being tested and approved in live agent trials at the Utah State Prison. Laboratory tests indicate that it should be very effective in filtering for Anthrax, Sarin Gas or other biological weapons.

Anthrax laboratory testing results indicate that 98% of anthrax spores will be stopped by the mask. Since it takes 500 to 600 spores deposited into the lungs to infect, it is extremely improbable that an individual would be exposed to concentrations of anthrax spores sufficient to infect through the mask.

The Air-Aid Emergency Mask helps protect you from particulates that you breathe. It does not cover the eyes or skin and hence provides no protection from those agents affecting these parts of the body.

There's nothing else like this on the market, considering its size, weight, price and capability.

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