Air-Aid Emergency Mask

"There's nothing else like this on the market, considering its size, weight, price and capability."


The Air-Aid Emergency Mask, designed by a Professional Chemical Engineer who has worked as an expert in biological and chemical warfare, uses proven technology with both bacterial and activated carbon filter stages. It is the first ever economical protection for chemical and biological agents. The Air Aid gas mask is designed to provide the best in bacterial protection, but it also utilizes an advanced activated carbon filter. The mask is effective in protection against: deployment of agents OC, CN, or CS; anthrax, hanta virus, biological attacks, radioactive materials, smoke and fire, toxic chemicals, communicable diseases, noxious odors including decomposition odors, and more.

Government officials feel that due to increased security on airlines the next terrorist attack may be chemical or biological. Be prepared!

Emergency masks may also be used for protection from noxious odors, chemicals, paint odors, and communicable diseases. Use it while spraying with chemicals in the garden, painting, or cleaning with strong household products.

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